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Leadership Journeys

From 2007, together with Sander Tideman, we organized a number of leadership journeys to Tibet, Mongolia and Bhutan.
These journeys offer ‘outer inspiration’, because of the beautiful landscapes, local culture, inspiring speakers and the input of the program and fellow travelers.
In addition, there is a lot of time and space for the ‘inner inspiration’ through time for reflection and retreat to develop our inner wisdom and sharpen our own vision of who we really want to be and how we want to be meaningful.

Third Act (on request)

What to do after a successful career? The ‘Third Act’ is a program in which we investigate what you want for the next phase in your life, when you are in your fifties and look forward to renewal, to rediscover meaning for the third part of your life.

We meet about six times in a small group of like-minded people for a very interactive programme.

Between the sessions you have weekly exchanges with your buddy(s) and we conclude the process with a two-day ‘Vision Quest’, a ritual retreat in nature to gain deeper insights.


In my own life I notice more and more how important the role of sound and music is. Experiencing sound and music gives me peace of mind and helps me to practice my awareness of what is beyond our thoughts and feelings.

I have carefully started to experiment with the magic world of sound and music with some of my clients. The sound mediations of Felix Erkelens are also highly recommended!


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