(Executive) Coaching

Since 2007 I coach leaders in all kinds of organizations, countries and cultures. From family business to multinational, from middle manager to CEO, especially in the corporate world. The variety of people and issues continues to inspire and often move me.

What are common coaching questions?

  • How do I increase my effectiveness as a leader
  • How do I take on my role as a (new) board member or CEO
  • How do I deal with complexity and uncertainty
  • How do I maintain the balance in my life
  • How do I make my transition to the next career step

What is (executive) coaching about?

A process starts with awareness: what is your question and what are your patterns. From there we can investigate how these came about and how you can become more flexible in your behavior to increase your effectiveness. This almost always also results in more fun and relaxation.

(Executive) coaching

What is the role of trauma in coaching?

I see trauma as nothing more or less than an unprocessed event or pattern from your life, which, often unconsciously, still influences how you feel and behave.
Investigating the effect of this in the present and giving it space often creates insight, relief and more freedom of action and thus increased effectiveness.

What does a coaching process looks like?

In an intake we investigate your coaching objectives, explain my approach and what the trajectory could look like in number of sessions, frequency and budget. It often makes sense to also have a discussion with your manager to clarify the expectations.

In the actual coaching sessions we will tailor the approach to what suits you best. Usually we will take two aspects into account:

1. What (behavioral) change to you want to achieve and how to get there.
2. What are the root causes of your patterns and how to address them.

You will get a copy of my notes and usually a few concrete actions to take home and experiment with or to reflect or research. At the end of the journey we will do two way evolution, possibly also including your manager.


Do you want to improve your effectiveness and increase your quality of life? You are very welcome!