About me

Who is Reinier Tilanus

(Executive) coach and team facilitator

  • A coach and team facilitator with many flying hours in different countries and cultures, who supports leaders and teams to become more effective and happier
  • A true Beta: a logically thinking process engineer with sixteen years of international management experience at Unilever up to and including Board level.
  • A real Alfa: a sensitive human being with care and dedication who brings peace and reflection
  • A Buddhist for over 25 years with a love for meditation and retreat.
  • Continuously learning and looking to raise consicousness, year after year
  • Passionate for storytelling without words: enthusiastic violinist for over 50 years also in improvised music
  • A lover of nature and the gift of silence (retreats)
  • Enthusiastic practitioner of T’ai Chi, Pilates and squash
  • Happily married to his wife Joke Vermue

The logo represents the bringing together of the signals of head, heart and body. The trinity is also reflected by the Buddha when he speaks about purifying body, speech and mind. The logo expresses the dynamics of the trinity, that essentially comes together and reaches wholeness in a central focal point. It symbolises the pursuit of congruence, tranquility, happiness and a higher purpose.

Over mij

Training & Inspiration

  • Nonviolent communication also with founder Marshall Rosenberg
  • Certified MMS coach (2007)
  • Richard Barret Cultural Transformation Tools I and II
  • Certified lead facilitator at Gita Bellin and Lisa Doig’s Corporate Evolution
  • Thomas Hübl Timeless Wisdom Training and Healing Collective Trauma training
  • Certified Diversity and Inclusion Facilitator
  • Internal training and international work experience since 2013 at Aberkyn, now part of McKinsey

Work experience

In my Unilever time I have worked in projects, production and supply chain in the Netherlands, Vietnam and Germany and in a global role.

As an individual coach I have worked with senior executives from, among others, Allianz, ABNAMRO, BAM, Decathlon, Deutsche Telekom, Henkel, IKEA, KPN, Makro, McKinsey, Ontex, RABO and Unilever.

As a team facilitator I have worked with teams worked with teams in multinationals, medium sized enterprises and family businesses in all kind of industries and different countries, under which the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, Pakistan, India, Russia, Dubai, Turkey and the United States.


Contact me

For questions or to schedule an introductory meeting, you can call, email or contact Reinier using the form below.